Gasfitters: Cheaper, efficient, safe, certified

  • Certified gas fitters.
  • Gas installations, repairs, replacements, and servicing.
  • Gas is more energy efficient e.g., gas hot water systems.
  • Located in Silverdale – servicing Whangaparaoa, North Shore, and Auckland.

With unprecedented demands for power in the Auckland region, including North Shore and Hibiscus Coast, The New Zealand grid can become overloaded, leading to power cuts.


It is not unusual to hear of power outages due to bad weather or accidents. When the power goes you need a backup, at least enough to make sure that nobody goes hungry and cold or must endure a cold shower.

In addition to cost savings and never running out of hot water, gas offers remarkable utility to a home, including:

  • Gas fireplaces.
  • Gas-flued heaters.
  • Gas hot water systems, including multi-source hot water cylinders.
  • Gas stoves and cooking hobs.
  • Gas radiators and central heating.

Gas heating, gas cooking and gas hot water systems need to be installed, serviced and, from time to time, repaired.

  • Ze Plumb & Gas are certified gas fitters for safe gas installations and can provide certification of safety.
  • The team offers a comprehensive suite of services, including installing, maintaining, and testing gas appliances.
  • Gas systems include fireplaces, heaters, hot water systems, stoves, and central heating from either mains gas or tank/bottle systems.
  • Gas is cost-effective and energy-efficient, producing fewer emissions.

Talk to Ze Plumb and Gas about gas for your new build, kitchen renovations, and bathroom makeovers and find out why gas beats electricity for cost savings, efficiencies, self-sufficiency and reliability.

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